What Lies Beneath The Cedars


It is 1999 and 26 year-old Lucy Shadid is the daughter of a first generation Lebanese family living in an Australian country town. She feels frustrated and unfulfilled, working in her family's café, Millie's Place; that’s well-loved by the locals. Lucy's younger sister, Grace is estranged from the family and as such, her mother, Amelia is highly controlling to ensure Lucy stays on the right track. Rhys Boyd is an Aussie mechanic scarred by a traumatic childhood and chasing after his brother who is living a dangerous lifestyle. When Rhys appears at Millie's Place to appease his brother’s wrongdoing, Lucy is intrigued by the handsome yet troubled man. He represents the freedom she desperately craves. Against her family’s wishes, Lucy and Rhys develop a friendship. But just as it deepens into a romance, their fairytale is shattered by a tragic turn of events. Through the heartbreak, Lucy comes face to face with some shocking truths that will challenge every belief she has had both in herself and her culture. What Lies Beneath The Cedars is an entertaining and very moving story of a young Lebanese woman in rural Australia trying to make a life for herself and fulfil her dreams while respecting the commitment she has to her family, their traditions and her heritage. Goodread reviews for What Lies Beneath The Cedars


BANKSTOWN, New South Wales