Grape Leaves Rolling Machine


Stuffed Grape Leaves & Cabbage Leaves Rolling Machine. ماكينة ورق العنب It is very easy to roll the grape leaves and quick! Depending on the thickness required, adjust the level to 1, 2, or 3. Greek Dolmathes Rolling Machine for Stuffed Grape Leaves ماكينة او الة لف المحشى او ورق العنب سهلة الاستعمال 1. Push the button in the position one of the following position, 1 (as shown number in the picture) if you want the stuffed grape leaves to get big, for normal size and 3 for small stuffed grape leaves. 2. Put the machine on an even ground with the closed side towards you then, put the leaves as shown in picture 2 on the rolling band and pull it back a little. 3. Now put on the leaves's surface the according size of the stuffed grape leaves. 4. After having finished the procedure, push the arm down, the stuffed grape leaves will come out at the end of the machine ready to be cooked. 5. Width of the leaves will come out around 6.2 cm / thickness is 3 sizes.